Diagram – Example 1

Diagram – Example 1

The diagram shows how apples are canned.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.


Report Plan

Paragraph 1: Paraphrase: how apple is canned>the process of canning fresh apples

Paragraph 2: Overview: Show the process of canning fresh apples. Paragraph 2: (1) Talk about the canning process. Give an explanation.

Paragraph 3: (1) Talk about the remaining process of the canning process. Give an explanation.

Sample Answer

The diagram shows the process of canning fresh apples. The first step is to handpick apples from trees. And then, they are transported to the cannery using large trucks. At the cannery, the apples get thoroughly washed and undergo a quality test where the poor-quality lot is taken out.

The selected apples are put into cold storage. When ready for canning, the apples are weighed and graded. After this step, the apples are peeled, and the cores are removed. They are then sliced into the required sizes and put into cans. Juice or syrup may also get added to the cans.

Once the cans have been filled, they are sealed and cooked overheat to ensure adequate sterilization. When the cans are cool, a label is attached, and they are placed into storage. Post this, the canned apples get ready to be despatched to supermarkets for the purpose of selling.

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