How to Write a Pie Chart?

How to Write a Pie Chart? 

When it comes to writing a pie chart description, you need to be wary of the following steps to score the highest possible band:

  1. Penning Down the Introduction

When describing a pie chart, you would have to commence with an introduction. This can be wrapped up in two sentences. And, when you write an introduction, you must paraphrase the information given in the question. You would have to include two-pointers. The first would be what precisely the chart is showing, and the second is the time period.

  1. Writing the Overview

The second paragraph will be about covering the general, basic overview of the pie chart. You would have to choose a few primary features from the given chart and explain the same. First, you can take the smallest or biggest sections from the pie chart and jot down the explanation. Second, you can figure out the ones that did not change over the period of time. Ensure that you outline the significant changes in the chart.

  1. Mentioning Certain Details

In the last paragraph, you will have to write specific details. You can split them up into two or three paragraphs if you want. While doing so, you can choose to create one paragraph on the basis of sectors that saw an increment, and the second paragraph could be about factors that either didn’t change or have decreased/increased.

Points to Remember while Writing a Pie Chart

There are a few points that should be borne in mind while explaining the pie chart. They are as follows:

  • What you write must match the tense. This means that if the picture of the pie chart is in the present, then your explanation should also be in the present tense. If your chart represents the past, then your explanation should be in the past tense.
  • The answer that you write should be 150 words. It might get rejected, otherwise. When you write the explanation, you must ensure that your answer is at least 155- 160 words, so that it doesn’t get rejected.
  • Many times, comparing two charts is easier than writing an explanation for a single chart. So you need to focus on every detail in order to get strong points to write regarding the chart.

The answer that you write must match correctly with the chart. You need to be extremely careful while writing the explanation. So take a clear look at the chart before beginning to write on it.

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