Task 2 – Step 1: Analyze

When you are presented with an essay question, it’s important to carefully dissect it to ensure you fully understand what’s being asked. The query typically consists of two parts: an introductory statement which frames the context, and the actual question or series of questions which you are expected to answer.

To successfully address the essay prompt, you must:

  1. Recognize the primary focus of the question. This involves identifying the key elements or issues that you need to address in your response. For instance, if the question is about the negative impacts of television, you should concentrate on discussing various detrimental aspects related to television use, such as its influence on social behavior or health.
  2. Develop a clear strategy for your response. This includes outlining how you will answer each part of the question. If the question asks for potential solutions or ways to mitigate the negative impacts, you should think about and propose actionable measures that could be implemented to address these issues.

It is crucial to avoid diverging into topics that are not directly related to the question. These could include discussing the positive effects of television when the question only asks about the negative effects, comparing television to other media forms like radio or newspapers if not asked, or focusing on a specific subgroup such as children unless the question specifically asks for that focus. Also, avoid providing an excessive amount of common knowledge or background information that doesn’t directly help to answer the question.

Now, with a clear understanding of the question’s demands, you can proceed to the next steps of planning and drafting your essay, ensuring that your writing is focused, relevant, and well-structured.

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