Introduction Pie Charts

IELTS Task Pie Chart

Pie Chart question types are often seen on the IELTS test. In the IELTS Writing TaskĀ  of the Academic section, there will be a visual representation or a diagram on which you have to write a paragraph. One of these visual representations may be pie charts.

Given below are some IELTS Pie Chart example questions with explanations, and helpful tips. Take a look at the Pie Chart vocabulary and ways to frame the answer for a high score.

What is an IELTS Task Pie Chart?

  • IELTS pie charts are circular charts that are divided into sections or pie slices, usually representing the percentages.
  • Each section of the pie chart shows the percentage of data that it represents. When you put all the sections together, it forms a circle.
  • The pie charts are most commonly used in the multimedia and the business world and are less commonly used in scientific and technical publications.

When you are writing about a pie chart, here are the basic rules to follow:

  • Examine the pie chart carefully to discern which information is most important.
  • Write a clear and well-structured overview of the data presented.
  • Include data to substantiate the main points you highlight.
  • Maintain an academic tone throughout your writing.
  • Ensure that your response is at least 150 words and aim to complete this within 20 minutes.
  • Concentrate on the key points and omit minor or irrelevant details.
  • Refrain from giving personal opinions or making calculations based on the pie chart data.
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