Tables: Vocabulary

IELTS Writing Task Vocabulary: Table

Some linking words:

As long as/Provided that

  • Eg : You can use the water purifier as long as/provided that it doesn’t remove the essential nutrients.

Although/Even though

  • Eg: Although/Even though he is knowledgeable, he didn’t perform well in the exams.

Even if

  • Eg: Even if they win the match, they can’t make it to the finals.


  • Eg: Use adjectives wherever necessary.


Eg: Drink water whenever you feel hungry.


  • Eg: Tom and Dick are brothers. Tom is intelligent whereas Dick is not.


  • Eg: Please do whatever I say.

So that

  • Eg: She dressed up early so that she could be in time for the function.

In spite of/despite

  • Eg: Despite/In spite of repeated reminders, Sarah’s team did not fill the timesheet.
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