Task 2 Agree/Disagree Essay: Vocabulary

Task 2 Agree/Disagree Essay: Vocabulary

Expressing Agreement:

  • Multiple compelling arguments exist to endorse the viewpoint that our private lives are overexposed on social media.
  • I concur with the notion that the idyllic days of youth are often best experienced in smaller communities.
  • It stands to reason that the nostalgic era of childhood remains immortalized in films.
  • I’m in agreement that the realm beyond the classroom walls can be significantly educational for youngsters.
  • I advocate for the perspective that contact sports such as mixed martial arts need to be considered with caution due to their inherent risks.

Expressing Disagreement:

  • There are valid counterarguments to challenge the sentiment that young adults should be unrestricted in driving privileges.
  • I contest the premise that educators’ remuneration should be directly tied to the scholastic success of their students.
  • I’m not in concordance with the notion that urban traffic should be selectively curtailed.
  • I oppose the suggestion that all secondary education students should be mandated to participate in musical instruction.
  • The assertion that theoretical sience lacks tangible utility is one I cannot align with.
  • The importance of traditional literacy over digital literacy is a viewpoint I cannot subscribe to.
  • The prediction that e-books will render physical books obsolete is a conjecture I cannot uphold.

Expressing Partial Agreement:

  • Recognizing the arguments supporting the need for academic breaks, I still uphold the importance of extended instructional periods.
  • Acknowledging the challenges in completely eradicating economic disparity, I assert that more aggressive policy measures are needed.
  • I concede that textbooks represent a significant financial burden, yet I believe…
  • While solo journeys have their merits, I’m inclined to believe that communal travel has distinct advantages.
  • The correlation drawn between virtual aggression and real-world hostility is somewhat convincing, yet it lacks comprehensive substantiation.
  • I am inclined to recognize the merits in compensating nursing professionals comparably to doctors, considering…
  • The enjoyment of games isn’t solely dependent on victory, although the complexity of enjoyment extends beyond this simplification.
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