Task 2 – Problem Resolution Essay: Tips and Tactics

Tips and Tactics

  1. Dedicate initial moments to thoroughly comprehend the assignment. Grasp the core argument and the inquiry posed. Emphasize crucial terms.
  2. Time is limited, so swiftly sketch out a plan. List several justifications for both endorsing and contesting the proposition. Assess which comes more naturally—concurrence or objection? This could guide your stance.
  3. Structure your essay with a succinct opening, a pair of comprehensive body paragraphs, and a summarizing conclusion.
  4. A concise introduction suffices. Rephrase the argument in your terminology, offering context to the subject matter. You might illustrate its significance or its growing relevance. Subsequently, express your stance—whether affirmative, negative, or neutral.
  5. Initiate each body paragraph with a clear topic sentence that conveys its principal concept. Such a sentence need not be complex, for instance, “Numerous compelling arguments support this notion.” Ensure all subsequent sentences bolster the topic sentence.
  6. Employ connective language within each body paragraph to seamlessly transition between different justifications.
  7. The subsequent main paragraph should naturally progress from its predecessor, utilizing transitional phrases or words, such as “Moreover, there exist extra arguments supporting this perspective.”
  8. Back up the contentions in your main paragraphs with concrete illustrations and detailed information.
  9. Your concluding paragraph can be concise, encapsulating the essence of both perspectives and articulating your definitive viewpoint. Initiate this paragraph with a term or phrase that denotes its concluding nature.
  10. Ensure each paragraph stands apart, perhaps by spacing or indenting the starting line.
  11. Be vigilant of the time allocation—40 minutes are allotted for Task 2.
  12. Ascertain that your script is decipherable and neat for the assessment.
  13. While crafting your essay, consider the evaluation criteria the assessors will apply.
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