Writing Guidelines

Guidelines to write a good answer

There are few guidelines to be followed to write a good answer to the table question. They are:

  • The explanation should have a proper structure
  • The explanation given should be in a proper structure including the introduction, the body paragraph as well as the conclusion. It will be good if the explanation also has connective words so that you can write 150 words quickly and ensure it is cohesive.
  • The explanation should have suitable grammar and vocabulary
  • You should make sure that the sentences used in the explanation are not repetitive. They should be unique with a good vocabulary.
  • The explanation should meet the requirements of the task given
  • The explanation should compulsorily be of 150 words. Anything less than that may result in a penalty. The main features of the table should be highlighted and explained appropriately, and the important trends on the table must be captured or highlighted appropriately.
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